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WEMPE BOOKS – The Art of Horological Complications

Manufacturer: Wemoe
FS: WEMPE BOOKS – The Art of Horological Complications

In 2000, the Wempe Corporation, makers of exquisite timepieces and jewelry, started delivering a leather bound comprehensive compendium for collectors of fine timepieces.  These volumes would enable collectors of fine timepieces to learn about different subjects of fine watchmaking including automatic and manual movements, complications such as moon phases, repeaters, chronographs, etc.  Also discussed in detail are the parts within a movement such as balance wheels, springs, gears, etc.  Finally the series speaks of the different materials used in watch construction and the retro movement in fine watchmaking.  There are a total of 15 volumes in the series starting in 2000/2001 – 2014/2015, with no volume released in 2010/2011.  Here I offer for sale the following volumes:
2004/2005	(2 copies)
Six (6) volumes are still wrapped in their original clear plastic wrap.  A number of other volumes have some slight damage to their leather covers as they were stored horizontally rather than vertically.  None have actually been opened so the bindings are perfect.

Each volume selling for $20 plus shipping or the entire series 12 volumes for $199 delivered.

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