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Kodak Carousel Custom 850H Slide Projector

Manufacturer: Kodak
* pre-owned - mint condition
* Lens cover
* Cord compartment
* 12 foot remote control cord
* 10 foot power cord
* Tray index bar
* Gate index
* Automatic timer slide
* Forward/reverse bar
* Power switch
* Lamp access door
* Focus knob
* Select bar
* Elevation wheel
* Carry handle
* Dust cover
* Kodak Ektanar Zoom Lens, 4 to 6 inch, f/3.5
* Instruction booklet
* selling for $79 OBRO
* The unit itself powers up but does not advance the carousel.   Someone with knowledge of this type of equipment could probably get it to work.
* So what is offered here is the unit (not working correctly) dust cover, lens, remote and instruction booklet.
Availability: In Stock
Type: Men's
Category: Pre-Owned
Price: $79