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Chronoswiss Watch Books - Sign of the Times

Manufacturer: Chronoswiss
The history and masterpieces of Chronoswiss watches as told by its founder Gerd Lang.  Gerd describes the beginning of his brand along with all the models available up to March of 2005.  Two (2) copies available of the 3/2005 publication and one (1) additional copy of the expanded volume from later that year.  A wonderfully written pristine copies describes the origin of Chronoswiss fine timepieces in beautiful pictorials.  For all lovers of Chronoswiss watches and the history of the brand.  Also included with the books one (1) copy each of pullouts detailing Sportswatches, Repetitions a Quarts, Tourbillons, Chronoscopes and Accessories.
Each volume selling for $20 plus shipping – pullouts included with first volume sold.

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Type: Men's
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Price: $20